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Our Process for Domestic and Nanny Staffing

Our Process

At the Nanny Poppins Agency we treat every client and situation as the unique individual or family and that they are. We understand that your time is precious and that your assignment is unique. That is why we take such great care in our search so that you only spend your time meeting with the best candidate matches for your unique situation.

While there could certainly be someone in the same city, with the same background, needs, schedule, education, lifestyle and customs as you and your family, they may have a drastically different workstyle or very different views on parenting or household management. These factors can make all the difference between a successful engagement or a negative experience with someone who is the wrong fit for your family or household. At the Nanny Poppins Agency, we conduct a thoroughly customized candidate search for you, exactingly designed to find the perfect match with minimal work on your part. So sit back, relax and let us find the perfect match for your family or household. Let us take the daunting process of screening out the candidates that you will not want to meet and fully vetting the ones that you will! We will send you their complete files for your review and be ready to help you take the next steps in adding the perfect childcare or domestic professional to your home.  

It’s important to understand that sometimes adding such a critical member to your household can take some time. Some clients find the right fit very quickly and others may take a little more time.  Each search requires the following procedure:

Initial Contact & Prospective Client Consultation

  • Includes introduction, evaluation of needs, disclosure of our fees and procedures
  • This is not a sales process, but a time to get to know you and for you to see if our agency is the right fit for you
  • ​​​​​Review of your experience with past hires if this is not your first time
Domestic Staffing Services


  • Review of any special considerations, requirements, special needs, household dynamics, etc.
  • Helping and advising about the industry and providing advice when needed
  • Providing any necessary education regarding the nanny and domestic staffing industry particulars in your area

Candidate Search Begins

  • Using discretion to protect your privacy, we post your position to our professional recruitment database, market your position to attract the best candidates, and speak with active candidates regarding your position 
  • Prequalify, get appropriate application and resumes along with proper identification
  • Schedule and conduct live, extensive face-to-face interviews and contact prospective candidates and references
  • Identify top candidate profiles that we have selectively matched with your needs and profile
  • Make sure candidates that we have worked with before have updated files
  • As candidates meet our criteria and come through our process, we make them available for your review

Your First Contact With Candidates

  • Conduct preparation for interview, if necessary, such as understanding how to manage the process if needed
  • Facilitate initial interview via email, phone or whatever method works best for you
  • Provide a complete portfolio on your candidate prior to the interview including:
    • Professional resume and/or completed agency application
    • Profile and references
    • Copy of legal ID
  • Provide an overview from the recruitment specialist about our feelings and recommendation as to why we like each candidate for you, about each individual candidate and if we have placed the candidate before, and our detailed experiences with that candidate

Post-Interview Follow Up

  • We follow up with you to find out how the interview went and, if needed, help you decide and/or facilitate any next steps
  • We will answer questions you might have from the interview(s)
  • Determine if another interview with that candidate (or another) is needed
  • Based on your feedback, we follow up with the candidate for you, and if requested, address any pending questions you have
  • Continue to send you screened candidates as they become available and as needed until you have found the right fit
Child Care for All Ages & Needs


Completing the Hire

  • Provide you with updated, comprehensive final background checks
    • Criminal records
    • Driving records
    • Relevant documents
  • Provide assistance with negotiating the offer, work agreement and other paperwork needed for the hiring process
  • Provide referrals for outside services that help you manage having a staff member working for your family
  • Follow up after your nanny or other domestic professional starts to make sure that you are happy and remain available to you throughout the placement

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